Whether you’re dining at a luxe restaurant halfway up the slopes, sipping cocktails next to a pool with mountain views or transforming a modern ballroom into the wedding venue of your dreams, Bella is available to help you with all your Vail wedding planning needs. No matter the season, there’s a cozy hotel room and a bucket list of experiences to entice every guest. When they’re not celebrating your love, loved ones will be making memories of their own to last a lifetime. Allow our network of amazing Vail wedding planning vendors and partners bring your vision to life in the Vail Valley and beyond.

We love: Mid-mountain weddings with valley views at The Tenth, the floor to ceiling windows at Donovan Pavilion, installing an aisle down the center of the Four Seasons Vail pool, boozy cure-alls at The Remedy Bar, heading into the wilderness at Piney River Ranch and softly falling snow as our clients share a kiss outside of the beautiful Vail Chapel.