love notes

from our valued clients

"Emily, Amanda, Kelsi, Brie, & Erin,
I just got to chat with Lindsey for a good 30 minutes about how much we love you all. At the end of the conversation, I told her that you just made us feel at home. You helped orchestrate one of the most magical weekends of our lives and made the whole planning process fun and intentional. We are so thankful. We love you all endlessly and hope to squeeze you soon."

Love, Meg + Zak

You helped orchestrate one of the most magical weekends of our lives

“It still feels like a beautiful dream that leaves you feeling like you’ve seen what wonderland looks like.” 

PJ & Jordan, grooms

I want to thank you for Meg and Zak’s wedding week. It was truly a magical time for our family! One that we will remember, discuss and reflect on the rest of our lives! The power outage on the wedding night was handled so well. Without your leadership that night would not have turned out as great as it did! Thank you and your team for everything!"

FONDLY, Russell (Father of the Bride)

it was
truly a
time for
our family

i never once
felt like i
was alone
in the decision
making process.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve LOVED working with you all this past year. You helped alleviate so much stress, especially in the wake of losing my mom - I never once felt like I was alone in making these decisions or creating this vision. It was so much fun dreaming up, defining, + executing the perfect party with such an amazing team. Forever grateful for the role you played in bringing everything to life <3."


"Hi GoBella Team,
I am slowly getting back to reality after this dreamy and magical wedding. Thank you for everything, all your magical and hard work to make this special day so unique and stunning. Miss you already. ❤️🌹 I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is getting married so I can see you again 💕😘✨ ."

hélène & Max 

 I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is getting married so I can see you again.

i don't have
words to express
how much
i've enjoyed
working with you

"Dearest Emily, Thank you. I don’t have words to express how much I’ve enjoyed working with you. You have been such a wonderful support for Claire and Will, Kevin and I. Your vision, creativity, compassion, emotional support...and so much more have made Claire and Will’s wedding not only memorable, but truly a wonderful life event! We are so lucky to have connected with you and your team!! I’m going to miss you Emily. I hope we keep in touch… Thank you! P.S. Wilbur [the dog] says thank you too!" 

JANA & KEVIN, parents of the bride

"From the moment I met you, I knew your calm demeanor and expertise in creating beautifully unique wedding details was going to be the perfect fit of us. I enjoyed every‍‍‍ bit of the process, and was blown away by your attentiveness to us, your attention to the fine print, and your extreme organization. You put my parents at ease during this “stressful” time, though it wasn’t stressful at all with you as our planner!"

HALLIE, bride

 I enjoyed every‍‍‍ bit of the process,  and was blown away by your attentiveness to us

I can never thank you enough for all of your hard work

"Thank you so much for making our dream wedding a reality! I’ll never forget walking into the totally transformed ballroom. It was so much more beautiful than my wildest dreams. I can never thank you enough for all of your hard work and for putting up with all our crazy! We still get compliments on how beautiful and fun our weddings was and I know that is mostly because of you."

Grace and eric

"Emily, Wow! To gain a new friend and have such an incredible wedding planner... Alex and I feel so blessed. Thank you for planning the wedding of our dreams with elegance and extreme organization. We are so excited for the big day and so grateful to your team."


Thank you for planning the wedding of our dreams with elegance and extreme organization. 

Thank you for all of your hard work and support. You did such an amazing job of making the planning process easy for us. The rehearsal dinner turned out better than I ever would have imagined, and my parents were blown away. Thank you for creating this unforgettable weekend for us!
- Sam, Groom

We’ve worked with other wedding and event planners in the past, including at a wedding at our home, and you are far and away the BEST!
-Robert, Father of The Bride

Bella team,
Thank you for EVERYTHING. Planning, sounding board, support, pivoting, et. You all made our day one for the books! We are forever grateful for all the time and effort y’all put towards the start of our next chapter. We hope your winter is a restful one. Best,
- Erin & Jared Stevenson

Emily & the GoBella Team,
Words cannot express how grateful we are to have had such a great team assisting us with our wedding! From the planning to the execution, everything was perfect! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the wedding we had dreamed of. Our guests are still raving about how much fun they had, all thanks to the GoBella team. Thank you so much!
Dani & Paul Perona

Choosing to go with Bella Design was the best decision we made while wedding planning. There was a lot to navigate during our planning process and the team was entirely behind us the whole way. Thank you to Emily, Amanda, Kelsi, and Erin for making our wedding day the most special day! We had a lot of difficulties related to reschedules and the pandemic and Emily and Amanda moved mountains to make things happen. I originally decided to go with a wedding planner to help deal with my anxiety around the whole planning process and what a great decision that was. I think I have never been more relaxed on any day in my life, and it was my wedding day! They were spot on with every single vendor recommendation and they knew the field so well that everyone had experience working with them already. And happy to say I think mine is the only wedding I've ever attended that ran on time! If you are considering them, DO IT! We interviewed about 20 different planners and they stood out in the best way. Thank you ladies for being the best planners, designers, organizers, and supporters :) You made all our dreams come true.
- Leah (Bride)

Choosing a wedding planner isn't an easy task, but lucky for me I was directed to Bella by my best friend who had used Emily and her team a few years prior. What started as ordinary planning quickly became more complex as COVID changed not only our day to day life, but how we celebrate life's biggest milestones. Throughout the process of determining if and how we were going to proceed with our wedding this year, Emily and her team were truly the greatest blessing we had during an unbelievably stressful time. What was originally going to be a 150+ person wedding celebration, turned into a 35 person ceremony and dinner party that was planned and executed in less than a month's time. Being a girl who never really had a detailed plan for my wedding, I leaned heavily on Emily and her team from day one, and even more so when our plans took a bit of a detour. The event Emily created was nothing short of spectacular. She took my original vision of a rustic ranch wedding and created the most beautiful, elegant dinner party that I have ever seen. She incorporated the same vision we originally had, yet brought an intimacy to the evening that we could never have envisioned without her. Every little detail was so well thought out and our guests were in awe of what she created. The smaller event was something my husband and I never imagined having, but something we feel beyond blessed to have had. Emily was so much more than just a planner for us this year, as she showed us so much love and support while we worked through all the curveballs COVID threw our way. We are planning to have our big celebration next year and couldn't feel more blessed to work with Emily and her team again!
- Jessie (Bride)

Emily and her team went above and beyond what I could have wished for my wedding. The planning process was made so much easier because of Emily. Her leadership and organization on the wedding day allowed me to relax and enjoy my day. I have gotten countless compliments from friends saying that they had never been to a better wedding. I would recommend GoBella Design & Planning to anyone.
- Gracie (Bride)

When planning one of the most important days of your life you imagine it to be perfect, but when the day comes and it even more than you could have imagined.. it’s magic! I can’t express the amazing experience we had working with GoBella Design & Planning. When it’s time for sourcing the A++ planner look no further as Emily and her amazing and gifted team are in an elite class of professionals, YOU WONT BE SORRY. The one thing I learned when planning such an event leave it the professionals and truly leave the DETAILS of planning to the ones who have the eye and gift for seeing beyond >3 “Yes, this is Bella Design”. Our family will forever keep close to our hearts the most personal gift of seeing our daughter be married, one of the best days we will never forget! Thank you, Emily. – WE JUST LOVE YOU! By the way, not every planner would be on her knees removing mud marks so that pictures would be PERFECT, and so much more!!… DETAILS DETAILS!!!
- Cindy (Bride)

Emily was really wonderful in supporting us in the ~year of prep leading up to our wedding. We had an ambitious vision for some of things we wanted to build and achieve and she was up to the challenge. With Emily, I had great peace of mind that everything would run very smoothly.
- Beau (Groom)

I knew Emily and her crew were amazing, but I think it took going to someone else's wedding to really realize how seamless they made our wedding feel! They worked with us one-on-one leading up to our big day to really understand our wants and needs. They kept us on track and helped us not forget a single detail. Then, on the day of, their hard work and attention to detail left us stress free so that we could fully enjoy every moment. Thank you Bella crew!!
- Gabrielle (Bride)

Emily is absolutely amazing! She worked so hard on our daughter's very unique wedding--170 people for a very fancy wedding in the middle of a meadow (literally!) with no power, etc. around. It was because of Emily's knowledge, skill, vision, creativity and tenacity that it all came together so beautifully! In addition to being exceptionally talented, she was a complete joy to work with. She was fun loving and delightfully enthusiastic! In short, Emily absolutely knows how to put on a beautiful wedding! 
- Gail (Mother of the Bride)

We planned a destination wedding with GoBella Design & Planning for over 10 months and I don't have one bad word to say! The wedding was everything we ever imagined, we stayed on budget and the process was an absolute joy. Emily and her team are not only readily available for you ANYTIME but they make the entire planning process fun! It was apparent that Emily and her team were well connected with all the vendors in the area and regarded as the best in the biz. GoBella Design & Planning has exquisite taste and will make your dream wedding day a reality! Looking back, it makes me want to do it all over again!
- Hallie (Bride)

Emily and her‍‍‍ entire team are amazing! Emily can execute anything you can dream up. She has an amazing reputation with all of the vendors we worked with, and she and her team are so professional. I am so thankful we had them throughout the planning and design process.
- Kylie, Bride

Emily and her team are caring, fun, and loving, which made my wedding planning process not only fun and enjoyable, but also easy. Emily made planning a Colorado wedding from the East Coast seem like nothing. She has amazing relationships with superb vendors, all of whom I recommend just as highly. Our wedding day was the winter wonderland I'd dreamed of, and I don't know what I would have done without the love and support from the whole Bella team on not only my wedding day, but throughout the entire process!
- Holly, Bride

Dear Emily, Amanda, Kelsi, and Erin,
Thank you so much for being a part of our special day! We really appreciate all of the hand holding and support you all have provided over the past two years. We would not be here with this beautiful wedding without you. This has been a whirlwind of wedding planning, but you were able to make it seem smooth and fun! Thank you for everything!
- Leah & Matthew

Thank you so much for your hard work on the Engage! Foundation. Being a part of that excursion was easily the most fulfilling part of that conference, and that's saying nothing against how amazing the entire was! Count me in at every future Engage!, and please let me know if there’s any photo/video content we can provide.
- Dave + Amari team

GoBella exceeded our expectations with exquisite design, on-time delivery, a can do attitude and exceptional personal service all while operating during a worldwide pandemic! They are the best so you better book them early
-Lorraine & Robert (Bride & Groom)

GoBella is absolutely amazing. Planning during COVID was not easy. Emily and her team were creative, patient, flexible throughout. We finally held the wedding and the event was over the top gorgeous with my daughter having the wedding and reception of her dreams. Bella made my daughter’s vision come to perfect fruition and it was such a fun and beautiful wedding. The design was over the top. No detail was left undone. They were with us every step of the way on the crazy journey. Her network of vendors and her team were the best. She kept us organized throughout the planning. I highly recommend Bella Design . I wish I had another daughter so I could do it all over again
- Martha (Mother of the Bride)

Emily is seriously the best wedding planner in the biz! Look no further. She has a massive heart and not only an amazing wedding planner, but now a friend! She helped us pull off the perfect wedding (in the middle of a pandemic) while also helping us emotionally navigate all of the constant changes. She was so on top of every detail and would never have been able to pull this off without her. BEST wedding planner out there. So detailed, so kind and meshed our vision with our parents vision so we’ll and seamlessly. We love you so much and could not recommend you more!
- Lizzie (Bride)

Emily and her team are the absolute best in the business. A wedding is hard enough to plan - throw covid in the mix and it’s nearly impossible. Despite all the obstacles, the Bella team gave us the wedding weekend of our dreams. Can’t thank them all enough!
- Brian (Groom)

Emily is a miracle worker! After she planned my sister's wedding in December 2012, there was simply no question as to who I would use as a wedding planner when my fiancé and I got engaged. Our wedding turned out to be everything I had dreamt it could be, plus so much more! The difficult logistics of our venue (a remote mountain meadow with no electricity/ running water/ cell service/ standing structures) combined with my discriminating taste would have been enough to scare most off, but Emily designed and coordinated our day to perfection with grace and professionalism all along the way. She truly is a visionary and a skilled problem solver, not to mention just an amazing person! Her knowledge, creativity, experience, and the strong relationships she enjoys with vendors in the industry make her unparalleled. Planning this wedding was the most treasured time of my life, and Emily has so much to do with that!
- Kelly (Bride)

GoBella and Emily Campbell and her team are first rate professionals at wedding and event planning. They are organized, detailed and make things easy for all involved to make decisions as you go through the numerous steps towards having a great event. Having an online schedule and planner combined with regular conference calls kept everyone on the same page. Their knowledge of the sources on catering, site alternatives, live music alternatives and a host of other options made customization of our event to our tastes relatively easy. Emily and her team also are simply a pleasure to work with but also focused on getting the job done. All and all a perfect epic mountain wedding weekend thanks the GoBella, Emily and her team.
- Andy (Groom)

Emily and her team were terrific from start to finish. Attentive and professional but also warm and made the process fun. Couldn't recommend her highly enough.
- Travis (Groom)

They were incredible. They were great to work with in the planning stages and were even better when the weekend finally came. We had a bad rain storm and they didn’t miss a beat. They couldn’t have done a better job. From everything to the small details to the big picture, we couldn’t have been more happy and impressed with the job they did. They made it so we could enjoy every minute of our wedding weekend. We would absolutely recommend them to any and everyone.
- Ben (Groom)

All I can say is WOW. Talk about seamless execution from start to finish. I used GoBella for day-of wedding coordination and from our first phone call I knew these ladies were “do-ers” and had their game faces on. I had lots of moving parts to my wedding day and I never had to worry about a single detail. The GoBella team was there from start to finish - from the morning of the wedding ensuring all of our dresses were steamed and that everyone was on time, to setting up all of my custom decor just how I had envisioned, to following me up to the top of the mountain to ensure I was perfectly posed for all of my photos. Out of this world! The best part was that at the end of the night they gathered all of our gifts, decor, and items and had them delivered to our hotel so that we had no worries. These ladies are worth every penny for a stress free day, and will leave you without having to worry about communicating with vendors or venue two weeks out so that you can absolutely enjoy your day!! 10 stars!!
- Jessica (Bride)

The GoBella by Emily Campbell team uses customized technology and online planning tools to help you manage the entire planning process, no matter where in the world you live. We keep the details in order and help prioritize any to-do list so together we can stay focused on your goals. Our process allows you to easily collaborate with your event professionals and loved ones for a seamless local or destination wedding planning experience.

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