Special Events

We believe every day is a cause for celebration, and some of those milestone moments deserve a little extra attention. From a holiday dinner party or birthday bash to an engagement soirée or rehearsal dinner, allow Bella to help create an evening to remember. Whether you're celebrating with just family or all of your friends, we will make sure each and every detail is taken care of.

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Wedding Planning

Bella Design and Planning is different. We touch every detail of your wedding, from paper and fashion to design and event management. Have you ever dreamed of having a wedding stylist, designer, planner, and stationer all in one studio? Bella is all of that and more.

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Corporate Events

The Bella Design and Planning team are experts in event management and coordination. You can trust our team to design and produce a phenomenal experience for your company or organization. From a black tie company soirée to a hip nightclub-style launch party, our team of designers and vendors can handle full-scale event execution, no matter how large or small.

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Philanthropic Events

We believe in supporting the greater good, and have been so honored to partner with foundations working to make the world a better place. Experts in event management and coordination, we offer these same services to nonprofit and charitable organizations. Our goal is to design and produce an immersive experience that brings your staff and your donors together, building connections and showcasing your success to help carry your cause into the future.

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